The Beauty Industry Sends 877 lbs of Waste to the Landfill Every Single Minute.

We're changing that by giving beauty waste a new life.
About those bins in our wash room...

This is how we sort and collect the waste created by beauty services to give it a new life, rather than sending it to the landfill. We collect and send the waste to GreenCircle and they turn it into new products and clean energy. They also offset our carbon emissions, so our salon services are also carbon neutral.

Where the Waste Goes

Hair Clippings

Hair clippings are either composted, turned into bio-composite plastic, used in research to develop things such as insulation and stormwater filtration, or made into products for Humanitarian efforts.

Excess Hair Color

Excess hair color is either turned into clean energy, or separated into water and oil. The water is cleaned and returned to the water system, and the oil is blended into fuel!


Metals are sorted by grade and type. They're melted down into aluminum sheets and then turned into new products such as car parts and bicycles.

Single Use Items

Single use items are used in a waste-to-energy process to create clean renewable energy. The leftover ash can be used as filler in asphalt!

Paper and Cardboard

Paper and cardboard is sorted by grade, broken down into paper pulp, and then used to make new paper products or cellulose insulation.


Plastics are sorted by type, cleaned and ground into small pieces, and then used to make new products like shampoo bottles!